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I think the main reason why you should visit my blog is because of the country where I’m living. Most people don’t really know much about Vietnam. You may have heard about my country through some of the people who had visited it but really it is much better to get to know about Vietnam through a citizen who was born and am living there like me. I’m not bragging about Vietnam but it is a really beautiful country with amazing history, interesting culture and much more. To be honest, even though I’m a Vietnamese, I don’t even know all the incredibly beautiful scenarios here in Vietnam because this country just has so many great places. I love it here and I think you will love it too as you start getting to know Vietnam through my blog.

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4 thoughts on “My Incredibly Cool Blog

  1. Hi Tracy,

    What is your favorite thing about where you live? Mine is that I live where my father and grandfather grew up. It is nice to have a family connection to a place.

    What is the weather like there? We just had around 4″ of snow fall one day ago, and today it is all melted away. We can have snow from November through March, but I have even seen it snow in October and April. We are getting tired of winter though. We have had a lot of snow this winter.

  2. It’s actually a pretty hard question for me to answer because I love almost everything about Vietnam especially HCMC, the city I’m living in right now. However, if I have to choose, I will say the historical places. There are many old historical places in HCMC like the Ben Thanh market, the city theater, etc. I think what is even more amazing is that those places are still running. I’m not sure how to put it in words. This is rather hard to explain but it’s nice to live in a place where the past and present all come together in one place

    The weather in Vietnam is depends on which part you’re in. For example, if you’re in the southern places like HCMC then the weather is alright with only 2 seasons: hot and rainy seasons. Nevertheless, it’s a whole different thing in the north. Ha Noi, the capital of Vietnam, lies in the north has four seasons with extremely hot summer and very cold winter (but it’s not cold enough to snow). The only place in Vietnam that sometimes would snow is Sa Pa, which I have only heard about. Although the climate in HCMC is not that great especially in the rainy season but I would say it’s much better than the north. I actually enjoy it here

  3. Wow, how you put it really made it sound beautiful. It’s clear that Vietnam is important to you. I’d really like to learn about it, especially in the unique way of hearing it from someone who’s actually living there!

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